Demonstrations in Support of Ukrainian Students
On December 26th Students for Global Democracy will nationwide demonstrations in support of a free and fair second round of the Ukrainian elections at Ukrainian consluates around the country. PORA, the Ukrainian student group largely in charge of the Kiev demonstrations that have amazed the world, has displayed incredible dedication to democracy in thier country. It's all we can do to lend our moral support to liberty for the Ukrainian people. Come out and join us on the 26th - and chant: "Yu-shchen-ko! Put-in NO!"

Demonstration Locations:
CHICAGO: 10 E. Huron Street, near corner of State and Huron
NEW YORK: 240 E. 49th Street, near corner of 49th and 3rd
SAN FRANCISCO: 530 Bush St., near corner of Bush and Stockton

Iraq Democracy Project
We plan to support Spirit of America's efforts in ensuring the elections this spring in Iraq are effective. We are conducting a nationwide petition campaign to ensure to ensure the focus on Iraqi students during this election and to ensure that democracy has a chance in that country. Learn more about the campaign at spiritofamerica.net.

Maldives Democracy Act
We will be drafting an act in support of democracy in the small island nation of Maldives (near the southwest coast of India), in order to attempt change for a people that demand democracy, yet on a scale allowing the problem to be fully tackled by SGD. See the current state of the draft here.

National Democracy Demonstration Day
To be held sometime in mid-to-late-March, this event will take place on as many campuses as possible to ensure that our movement gains the media attention it needs and brings as much change as possible to the country of focus decided upon for that day. We can show the country (and the world) the determination of our generation to say that NO, we won't accept tyranny anymore.