What will Iran look like in the next decade? Will Iran have a nuclear weapon and will all Iranians believe the Holocaust is nothing other than a conspiracy? While these threats are real, the gravest danger in Iran is overshadowed by the news media’s frequent coverage of a potential nuclear program and fiery speeches given by Iran’s radical dictator. Unfortunately, popular democratic media sources and news commentators are ignoring the most prevalent threat Iranians bear on a daily basis. Iranians are constantly in battle with their dictatorial government that denies human rights, political liberties, and the ability to determine the course of their own governance.

Students for Global Democracy Buy ThinkIran Merchandise today to spread the word! launched the ThinkIran campaign to educate the world on the dictatorial blackhole that Iranians confront daily. Those of us living in a democracy take political rights for granted, rights that allow us to stave off dictatorship. Unfortunately, many Iranians have never known such rights.

We are asking the world to stand up for the Iranian people. THINK about the situation in Iran, and THINK about how you can help. There are many ways to make a difference for the life and liberty of the Iranian people - including spreading the word about this campaign. As a member of a democratic society THINK about how you can use a few hours a week or a month to help those who are working for democratic change in Iran. THINK about the possibility of a democratic, not autocratic, Iran.

ThinkIran is also a message to those in Iran who have become apathetic – it is a call for them to reconsider their situation, and to advance their power with the help of an international community. ThinkIran wants both Iranians and non-Iranians around the world to THINK how individuals working together can promote a free and democratic Iran.

ThinkIran is a nonpartisan international message of support that advocates solely the use of nonviolent tactics in this struggle. SFGD does not have an agenda as to what type of democracy the Iranian people embrace; we simply wish to empower those individuals in Iran who are fighting for a brighter, self-determined future.