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Background Information:

How Chinese Authorities Suppress Freedom of Expression

Who Are China's Censors? Censorship in China: Using Prior Restraints to Prevent Critics from Speaking Censorship in China: Using Criminal Punishments to Silence Critics Censorship in China: Restricting Access to Information that the Communist Party Cannot Control

Further Reading:


    Ways to circumvent the Chinese firewall:

    A google mirror site that is kind of hard to get used to, but gets the job done.

    Sources tell us (but we have yet to confirm) that downloading google web accelerator will allow you to access most block sites (except for, ironically, google news). It also lets you view the cache of blocked websites.

    This is a program that allows you in conjunction with a computer not behind the firewall to access the blocked sites. It operates through email.

    A movement where a person in an outside country hosts a blog for someone in china. Because it is small and anonymous it will escape the view of the censors.

    This is another circumventor program.

    This is the Reporters without borders handbook for cyber dissidents. It includes many techniques for blogging anonymously.

    This is another adopt a blogger program.

    This program generates a proxy server that allows you to bypass the firewall.

    This company makes a variety of anonymous web surfing products that could be used to get around a firewall.

    **Know of any additional ways to beat the firewall? Please contact us.