For Immediate Release
January 25, 2005
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Students for Global Democracy Urges Support for Iraqi Elections and Iraqi Student Involvement, Sends Petition to Government Officials

STANFORD, CA/BLOOMINGTON, IN— Earlier today, Students for Global Democracy, a new nationwide organization of college students seeking democratic reforms throughout the world, sent a petition signed by students across the United States to President Bush, the United States Congress, and other government agencies and officials urging support for democratically-minded Iraqi students

“The upcoming election in Iraq is a monumental step towards a freedom and democracy for all Iraqi people,” said Charlie Szrom, President of Students for Global Democracy. “An integral part to the success of these elections depends on Iraqi students and their participation in the democratic transformation in their country. They are the future of Iraq.”

On January 30th, Iraqis will go to the polls to elect a national assembly. Students for Global Democracy and the petition supports Iraqi students’ efforts through activist organizations, newspapers, television and radio broadcasting, and Internet sites that seek to promote democracy and freedom in Iraq. Furthermore, the petition also urges the formation of a nationwide, student-led, pro-democracy network in Iraq.

Students for Global Democracy is a student-run organization supporting democratic student movements worldwide with chapters located across the United States. The organization, founded by Charlie Szrom, began in Bloomington and Valparaisio, Indiana and has spread across the U.S. to Berkeley and Stanford, California. It has participated in protests in support of Ukraine's Orange Revolution and is now supporting dissident groups in Belarus and democratic activists in Iraq.