Reporters Without Borders Petition for Internet Freedom in March 2006 SGD chapters collected hundreds of signatures through their partnership with Reporters Without Borders to pressure democratic governments to ensure their firms upheld the highest standards when engaging in commerce overseas. The issue was originally brought to the forefront by demands for compliance from dictator governments for censorship. High tech giants Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Google, among others, played a complicit role in breaching basic freedoms of press and expression. Book Drive
as classes ended for many universities, SGD put out a concerted effort to collect gently used books. Certain political books, for example XYZ, were targeted for collection and sent to our international chapters with less resource access as a way to encourage self-education and community outreach efforts. Proceeds from the sale of donated books purchased additional copies of selected books and covered shipping costs. Hike for Democracy, Berkeley
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Iraq Elections Support
In order to encourage the advancement of democracy in Iraq, SGD organized a petition supporting the students and voters of that country and released it just before the Iraq elections took place in order to demonstrate grassroots American support for Iraqi democracy. SGD also raised funds for Spirit of America's Iraq Democracy Project, a comprehensive and effective effort to enhance democracy in the nation of Iraq during the election period.

Solidarity Demonstrations for Ukrainian Orange Revolution
During the 'Orange Revolution' in Ukraine last year, SGD organized demonstrations to support the activists who were fighting for freedom and democracy in their country. At the end of November, SGD Berkeley particpated in a demonstration outside the Ukrainian consulate in San Francisco (See pictures here). When the actual election that brought Yushchenko and the forces of freedom to power in Ukraine occured on December 26th, SGD led a demonstration outside of the Ukrainian consulate in Chicago, to the great appreciation of the Ukrainian expatriates voting there (picture below):

North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004 Petition Campaign
We heard about the possibility in mid-September that the North Korea Human Rights Act of 2004 might be blocked by Senators caught up on a few minor issues. Given the great amount of good we felt this bill would do the North Korean people, we decided immediately to show our generation's support for it - in the space of about 8 in the next few days, we gathered more than 500 signatures. Even we were amazed at the outpouring of support on campus. Needless to say, the bill was signed into law on October 18th. Go to and search "North Korea Human Rights Act of 2004" to see everything about this excellent measure.

Voting Rights Awareness Campaign
We conducted this education effort on Election Day 2004 to inform Americans who were exercising their right to vote that billions of people around the world never get that right. We passed out 700-800 flyers, and managed to make quite an impact on the campus - no had seen anyone doing anything like this before, and it certainly opened the eyes of many.

Beyond Rangoon Showing / Burmese Awareness Program
Having showed the film Beyond Rangoon twice, we feel that we've made some inroads in creating more awareness of the need for Burmese democracy. The film is an excellent portrayal of the Burmese people's struggle against the dictatorship. Our success in the area is evidenced by the great appeciation given us by the Burmese students in Bloomington and Dr. Ro Ding - a member of the Burmese government-in-exile - in particular. Dr. Ro has spoken at a number of our functions and will continue to be a friend of SGD. When he first met SGD President Charlie Szrom, he told him that he had been "fighting dictatorship for seven years." We could all do well to follow his example.

Iran Democracy Now Petition
SGD organized a petition in spring 2004 to protest the Iranian elections - completely false mechanisms that were being painted as legitimate by the regime (despite the fact that they had disqualified all major opposition candidates from running). We received a positive response from Sens. Lugar and Bayh, both indicated they would speak out against Iran and were in support of our efforts.

Burmese Democracy Petition
A petition like that above, this one in order to call for the release of democratic activist Aung San Suu Kyi in time to aid her people at a National Reconciliation conference. Suu Kyi was not released, but SGD did receive a heartening reply from Sen. Lugar - see it here.