SGD Berkeley takes part in a demonstration during an early stage of the Orange Revolution to show support for the Ukrainian democrats.

Our goal
  • That every human being will live under a truly democratic government.
How we will accomplish it
  • By encouraging solidarity with and giving to support to those across the globe, especially students, who struggle against dictatorship. This entails holding demonstrations of solidarity, providing financial support, and facilitating the training of democratic movements when necessary.
  • By educating the national and international communities on the problems created by authoritarian governments and the solutions that worldwide democracy brings. This entails running awareness campaigns via speaking events, panel discussions, letters to the editor, and other innovative events that further inform the publics of the world.
  • By lobbying governments to make democracy promotion the primary focus of their foreign policies, and working against those governmental policies that harm democratization. This entails running petition campaigns, letter-writing campaigns, and protests when necessary.
  • By bringing together all sides of the political spectrum in the fight for democracy. This means we do not pay lip service to the concept of nonpartisanship, but truly seek it by listening to all sides of the politcal spectrum.
  • That the desire for and ability to maintain freedom are innate characteristics held by all humans, regardless of race, religion, or creed.
  • That worldwide democracy will lead to eventual end of interstate conflict and a drastic decrease in starvation, as democratic countries do not war with one another nor has one ever experienced a famine.
  • That dictators are often the leading cause of terrorism as they oppress their people and deny them peaceful means of expression.
  • That the governments of the world's entrenched democracies must make the promotion of freedom the primary focus of their foreign policies.
  • That the transition to democracy should be accomplished whenever possible by nonviolent methods and in a open-minded nonpartisan manner.
  • That the economic integration of a country's people and isolation solely of the dictator and his cadre is much more effective in achieving a freer state than blind embargos.
�2004-2005 Students for Global Democracy